Belly, Birth, and Beyond

BELLY talks

Prenatal visits will be our opportunity to build on our connection in preparation for the big day. We will discuss your birth preferences and ideals and discover how we will work together to make it happen.  Those questions that keep you up at night? The ones you thought were too trivial or embarrassing to ask your primary care provider? Ask me! I will answer without judgement or bias, provide evidence based information, or refer you to a reliable source for anything beyond my scope.  

Between visits, I will provide unlimited text, phone, and email support from the onset of our agreement.  I will continue to be your sounding board and source of information and reassurance during the first month of baby at home. 


Imagine how sweet it would be to have your own personal attendant, solely concerned with your comfort and well being. Well, guess what? That's me!  I will be by your side, providing consistent, physical and emotional comfort and care from the moment I join you in  labour. During our prenatal sessions we will explore and decide on a variety of techniques which will be used  by myself and/or your partner to help you feel supported through labour, birth, and the first few hours after baby is born.  Your comfort is my primary concern.

BEYOND birth

Whether you are a first time parent or a veteran, having a brand new somebody in your home can take a while to get used to.  I can help with that.  I will come by for a visit or two (or more!).  We will  chat, stare in awe at your beautiful baby, recap the birth, and cover any concerns you may have. I will be there to support you in whatever way you need (light housework, help with the baby) and provide you with access to the resources you express a need for as you embark on your parenthood journey.  

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Belly, Birth, & Beyond  $1200

Dedicated pregnancy, labour, and early postpartum support

  • Prenatal visits to discuss birth preferences and ideals, pain management during labour, & preparing for life with baby at home

  • Customized visual birth plan to share with care providers  (5 copies + pdf file).

  • Unlimited text, email & phone support

  • Devoted physical and emotional labour and delivery support

  • A postpartum follow up visit


**Ask about sliding scale and/or payment plans**

Birth Plan Only $250

Learn your options; define your preferences; become your own advocate

  • Informative, interactive planning session to prepare you for the big day. 

  • From setting the scene, to establishing birth preferences and defining how you would like your first moments as a new parent to unfold (yes!  You do have options and choices!), we will delve into the evidence surrounding birth and create a clear picture of what birth looks like for you.

  • Customized visual birth plan to share with care providers  (5 copies + pdf file).

Night Doula  $280/night

Sweet, sweet sleep

  • Overnight care for your little one in your home so that you can get a longer stretch of well-deserved rest.

  • 10pm to 6am

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